Custom Design Floor Plans – All From Scratch

Kansas City is known for all things Barbecue, Blues, the Royals, the Chiefs, the Plaza, etc. In some areas, it’s known for the same style house.  Over and over, in the suburban areas, the old style neighborhoods, and the new neighborhoods coming out, their always seems to be a sense that it’s the same old house. It’s reversed, so it’s different. “The Robert” becomes “The Roberta”. I don’t want to take any credit away from any designer or builder who have put thousands of hours into making these types of homes. They do a great service to the community, and they are all wonderful houses. What I’m referring to is that one home in the subdivision, that has that special something you quite can’t put your finger on it. You see the owner outside and ask. “It’s a custom home.”  

Custom Design Floor Plans Kansas City

Custom Design Floor Plans Kansas City

Custom Design Floor Plans are the new identity in Kansas City

Having your home built around the space you have acquired, adapted to the acreage you have bought, dug into the hills. It’s one thing to look at one custom design floor plan after another til all you can see is black and white and criss cross measurements all over. Custom design floor plans all start with an idea. Brian, the owner of Eagle 1 Construction LLC, will show you custom design floor plans with Karina, the designer. If you don’t like what you are looking at, they will literally take out a piece of paper and start drawing with you. Some of the best paintings this world has ever seen started out with an idea, scribbled onto paper. For Brian and Karina, being able to build the home of your dreams is what makes Eagle 1 separate from the rest of the pack. 

Check out the links to some of our custom floor plans, or show us your ideas and designs on your pieces of paper.