Custom Home Construction Kansas City And Gerkin Windows

Custom homes mean custom down to last detail. Roofing, driveways, siding, and especially windows. When working on custom home construction here in Kansas City, Eagle 1 Construction looks to work with the finest brands, making sure company standards and product quality are worth the effort. One specific company has shown to be exceptional when it comes to windows.

In the past, Energy Star based their standards on only u-value and solar heat gain. As of 2016 Energy Star added a minimum air infiltration standard. Since window manufacturers are not obliged to provide their air infiltration numbers, most clients do not see a true comparison. Customers would end up with a sub par product when they choose windows only on price.

Gerkin Windows surpass values for Energy Star. One of the most valuable components to a window is the air infiltration performance. Commercial architects like Eagle 1 Construction look at the overall performance data. Gerkin Windows focuses on the overall performance of their windows.

Gerkin WindowsIf you were to take a 12′ by 12′ by 10′ room and put a 6′ x 5′ window. The room will have a certain amount of cubic feet of air space. The window is tested at 25mph. If the rating of the window was .30, it would take 2.1 hours to exchange all that air. This means that your heating and cooling systems would have to condition the new air every 2.1 hours. As the rating moves to .00 the amount of time necessary to exchange that air becomes longer. A .02 rating would take 32 hours to exchange the air. Below are the times per rating.

.25 = 2.5 hours
.22 = 2.9 hours
.17 = 3.8 hours
.13 = 4.9 hours
.10 = 6.4 hours
.07 = 9.1 hours
.04 = 16 hours
.02 = 32 hours

Gerkin windows have ratings as low as .02 meaning it would take 32 hours for the air to exchange. Lower air infiltration means money in your pocket. Window performance needs to be graded on air infiltration, thermal efficiency, structural integrity, and resistance to water. Eagle 1 Construction looks to Gerkin Windows to provide their customers with the best products that surpass Energy Star standards in order to construct custom homes with the customer in mind.