Custom Home Construction – Supply and Demand

Choosing custom home construction puts you in control. You can get the home you WANT!

The law of supply and demand is a basic economic principle that explains the relationship between the supply of goods or services and the demand for same, and how it affects the cost. In real estate, the relationship between supply and demand affects the housing market and the price of a house.

The Kansas City housing market is low, and the demand for new homes is high. Existing homes don’t stay on the market very long, selling very quickly. Prospective homeowners are paying higher prices, often more than the asking price in a case where a bidding war occurs. The competition over homes is fierce. It is not uncommon for buyers to purchase a new home sight-unseen. One scenario to explain this is when homeowners get caught between selling their existing home and the closing occurs before they have found a new home to buy, they are forced to find temporary housing.

Custom home construction is the perfect solution to avoid aggravation and additional expense. You won’t have to settle for an existing home that may not be exactly what you really want. Eagle 1 custom home construction ensures you get exactly what you’ve always wanted in your new home. By choosing custom home construction you select the design features you want; it will be built on the site you choose, in a locality of your choosing – everything is your choice!

The custom home market here in Kansas City is steadily rising with new construction. The effects of a solid job market, growing population, and the overall low cost of doing business in Kansas City is why the custom home construction market is growing. Custom home builders are optimistic about the future of Kansas City.

When you’re looking for custom home construction, do yourself a favor and contact Eagle 1 Construction. Brian Smith and his team are one-of-a-kind custom contractors and have a proven success rate for satisfied customers.