Custom Home Construction – What To Expect

A new custom home construction from Eagle 1 Construction in Kansas City will give you a one-of-a-kind home with a wide range of design choices for every taste. Brian Smith began his company in 2003, starting with small remodeling projects, rental properties and investment rehabs and resales. In 2004 he began new residential construction and the company has continued to build and expand ever since. Eagle 1’s custom home construction takes place all around the Kansas City metro with the highest concentration of current projects being in Eastern Jackson County.

Every aspect of custom home construction is based on what you, the homeowner, like, what you want, and what we can provide in order to fulfill your dreams of having a new home unlike any other. We will help you design a home that works perfectly on the site you have chosen – taking advantage of the best features the land offers – the grade, the trees, the views and more. Make sure you ask questions and clearly state what matters to you. It’s important that your designer and builder understand your preferences, so you can agree about decisions in advance. It can not only save time and money in the long-run – it’ll prevent a lot of frustration throughout the process.

If you would like to view the collection of home plans from Eagle 1, for ideas or to make comparisons between different elevations, design styles and floorplans, take a look at our gallery. Be sure to focus on specific design features such as the kitchen and bathroom layouts, bedroom sizes and locations, closets and storage space, traffic patterns and room flow, roof pitch and any other design components that appeal to your personal taste. You should also keep in mind any special needs for anyone living in your household, such as handicap access, extra wide doorways and other accommodations.

Knowing what to expect at each stage of the homebuilding process can make the difference in whether you come to view the experience in a positive or a negative light. Building a new custom home takes time and detailed planning, taking an average of six months’ time from start to finish under ordinary conditions. One of the most important steps you can take after securing financing and buying the lot or land is to obtain adequate and proper insurance and permits prior to starting the new build. In most cases, prospective homebuilders will take care of these steps.

Eagle 1 Construction has established trustworthy relationships with different professionals, electricians, HVAC professionals, painters, roofers and more who are utilized to fulfil different aspects of the build, working together throughout the custom home construction process.

The goal of Eagle 1 Construction is to help you understand the process for new custom home construction and toward that end, we offer the following points:

  1. During the initial phase of the construction, we will prepare the building site and pour the foundation.
  2. Next, we will complete the rough framework.
  3. Plumbing and HVAC will be set and installed.
  4. Drywall installation and interior textures are applied.
  5. Exterior textures are completed.
  6. Interior finishes (trim, crown molding, etc) completed.
  7. Exterior driveways and walkways started.
  8. Hard-surface flooring and countertops are installed.
  9. Exterior grading is completed.
  10. Bathroom fixtures and mechanical trims are finished.
  11. Mirrors and shower doors are installed and flooring is finished.
  12. Proper inspections of water, sewer, footings and plumbing take place prior to hookup.
  13. Exterior landscaping and final cleanup take place.
  14. Walk-through by the homeowner with the builder.

Let Eagle 1 Construction be your first choice for custom home construction in the Kansas City area. Each of our homes is a unique design specifically tailored for each individual client.