Role of a Custom Home Builder in Designing Your New Home

The role of a custom home builder is unique and differs from a general contractor. A custom home builder embraces both design and construction roles in a building project, incorporating all aspects of the home’s design, engineering, and construction.

A one-of-a-kind custom home is typically designed and built from scratch. This allows the homeowner to control the property site, layout, unique design points and other specifics of the home. Ordinarily, when property owners are having a home built, an architect will design the home and generate blueprints that the builder/contractor will use in the construction process. A custom home builder combines the roles of designing and building the home, thereby avoiding hiring multiple companies, keeping costs down and resulting in a more efficiently managed project.

Eagle 1 Construction is a full design/build team that does it all – designing and building the home from its inception to completion, collaborating with the homeowner, subcontractors, and inspectors. Once the building permit is obtained, our custom home builder team coordinates with the building inspectors and governing jurisdictions to obtain and manage all approvals, certificates, and inspections. We will sub-contract or coordinate with our in-house team to lay the foundation, install framing, roofing, walls, and flooring, in addition to the mechanical work, such as heating and cooling, electrical and plumbing. The custom home builder manages every facet of the project, making sure that all sub-contractors adhere to building codes and the custom home plan specifications.

Eagle 1 Construction is a custom home builder dedicated to working directly with the property owner to determine the costs of construction, track expenses, prepare work estimates and more in the process of building the home. Our build team orders, checks, and accepts all building material and components prior to installation. Upon completion of the project, we review for any discrepancies and if any issues arise, Eagle 1 Construction works with the team to resolve the issues. Once the city inspector signs off on the property and awards a certificate of occupancy, the custom home builder will deliver it to the homeowner.

Building a custom-designed home can fulfill your dreams of a perfect home built just for you. A good custom home builder will work with you to maximize costs, timeliness, communication, and quality throughout the entire project, guiding you through every phase of the process. Eagle 1 Construction custom home builder will oversee all entities involved to ensure the house is completed according to the highest standard of quality as well as the agreed upon timeline and budget.

Eagle1 Construction is your one of a kind custom home builder in the Kansas City Metro. Each of our homes is a unique design specifically tailored for each individual client. Contact us online today for a consult with Brian and the team and get started on your new custom home!