Custom Built Home – Choosing in Kansas City

This article is part of our “Custom Built Homes Kansas City” series. You’ve made it here because you might be planning on building the custom home of your dreams. The next question is if you want your custom built home finished in a timely manner, with money leftover.  In this article, two key issues are discussed, ensuring you with the custom built home you’ll enjoy.

Home Designers and Your Custom Built Home

Custom Built Homes Kansas City

Custom Built Homes Kansas City

The key here is making a good match. If you are looking for a modern style home, but you hire a custom cabin home designer, it’s just not going to work. What will end up happening is that you’ll receive a mix of the two, a modern/cabin hybrid. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a nice idea, but you wouldn’t hire Usain Bolt to teach you to swim, or Michael Phelps to run. Like athletes that are great in their field, going for Gold in the Olympics, home designers, too, have their strengths in their specific field. When their is pressure on time or on budget, the home designer will revert focus to their strengths, so make sure they are strong in what you are looking for. Getting an experienced builder from the beginning ensures you better recommendations for a designer that has your ideas in mind. A general contractor who has been around should know the people to fit your needs.

Referencing Checking

When selecting a builder, general contractor, or home designer, often what slips through the cracks is the background check. Getting a good reference check is crucial, yet sometimes it’s just a friend recommending you to a cousin. I’m not saying this friend’s cousin wouldn’t do a fine job, just ask for relevant references. Face-to-face meetings are important. Be sure that the past projects are able to be toured, if not, a nice portfolio showing either a wide range of expertise, or a master of work in the niche which happens to be your goal. Either way, with this information, getting the right workers for your custom built home becomes both satisfying and assuring.

Don’t become an inexperienced builder’s first time project, leaving your home to experimentations, unless you are willing to face the results. Make sure everything is on your time, and on your budget, and you’re already half way there to having that custom built home you’ve always wanted.