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Eagle 1 Construction custom built homes are unsurpassed in quality and style. If you’ve ever dreamed of building a custom home tailored to your specific ideas and tastes, then you won’t go wrong with the professional custom built homes that Brian and his team of experts produce.

Buying a home fulfils a dream that many of us have – to have the home we’ve visualized for a long time, with all the style and functionality that we want. Brian at Eagle 1 Construction excels in craftsmanship as well as providing the highest level of customer service to be found anywhere. One of his greatest strengths is his personal approach to business, ensuring efficiency, integrity and satisfaction. His custom built homes help your dream become a reality because it is built to your exact specifications.

When you are ready to build your home, be prepared to spend some time with Eagle 1 learning about the custom built homes process. First and foremost, look into financing. You may need a construction loan and not all lenders will give you the loan you need, so it will be necessary to shop various lenders for the right type of loan. If you have to finance the land in addition to building materials, you will need to procure financing for all of it. When you don’t already own the land, you will end up with two closings, for the land and the home, incurring fees for each purchase. Brian is knowledgeable of lenders in the area who provide construction loans for custom built homes and will willingly guide you in the right direction. He can also refer you to an insurance company where you can obtain adequate insurance for the project. Keep in mind this will incur additional expense that must be factored into overall costs of custom built homes.

Eagle1 Construction custom built homesWhile custom built homes are not necessarily more expensive than buying an existing home, costs can easily exceed your budget. Eagle 1 Construction will advise you making sure you have a good understanding of how the entire process works. Prospective homeowners must exercise restraint and use common sense when making decisions. Design features, type of materials, the land you buy, and quality of construction will impact the final price. And make sure you can live with your initial choices – even the smallest change from your original plan can raise the cost of custom built homes extensively.

Once financing has been procured, insurance protection is in place, and design concepts and materials have been determined, it’s time to take a look at the land where the home will be built. If you already own the land, Brian will accompany you to the site, inspecting for any potential issues, making sure the home you have chosen is appropriate to the site, and any other potential issues. If you do not have a site picked out, Eagle 1 will help you find one, or direct you to a realtor who can help. Either way, it’s essential that the custom built homes design and the lay of the land match – you wouldn’t want to spend the time and money designing a home only to discover it won’t work for the property you’ve chosen. Brian will walk the land with you to determine how much pre-construction work is needed – i.e. placement of utilities, septic system, driveway, etc.

Thorough planning and hiring the right team can make the custom built homes experience pleasant and stress-free. When you plan your home from the foundation to the roof and every single item in between, you can save time and money with your custom built homes. Making all the important decisions about every detail well before construction begins minimizes the possibility that materials won’t be available when needed, or any other issues that arise will already be factored into the plan to accommodate a change order.

Brian K. Smith and Eagle 1 Construction are ready to meet with you to discuss your ideas and plans for custom built homes. Visit us online.