Custom Home Construction Kansas City

Custom home construction can fulfill many people’s dreams of owning the perfect home. While it may seem like a dream come true, it isn’t a simple process, and in fact, you will need to spend some significant time planning and learning about the custom home construction process.


You no doubt already have an idea of the type of home you want – the number of rooms it will have, the type of flooring, the style of kitchen, right down to the neighborhood. New custom home construction allows you to make those choices, where buying an existing home often requires excruciating compromise.  Putting a value to those compromises, like increased commuting, higher taxes, remodeling to fit your needs, or buying an existing home can be just as expensive as building a new one. When you factor in all the costs, it is evident you need to devise a realistic plan, starting with a budget. Be sure to establish your budget BEFORE you select a location. The location may have a significant impact on your budget.

Financing and determining the type of loan for construction costs, price of the land (unless you already own it), closing costs, insurance, and other fees that might be required must be factored into your financing needs. Then you must find the right lender. Some lenders will grant construction loans but not all. Lenders usually consider building a custom home high-risk, so in order to qualify, you must have excellent credit and you can expect a significant down payment of at least 20% to 25% to qualify for a construction loan. The lender may also require that you have additional cash reserves in the event of delays and cost overages during the period of construction.

Once financing has been obtained for your custom home construction, finding a builder and an architect are next. There are design/build firms that can handle the entire project. Meet with potential builders and architects at the building site to discuss the project. They will be able to affirm whether or not the site can accommodate the home design you have chosen. Have them walk the property with you, discussing such things as the placement of utilities, septic system, driveway and other features.

You can save time and money when building with thorough planning for each and every feature of your custom home construction before construction begins. Hiring a competent, knowledgeable team that you have established a good rapport with can make a big difference in the progression and outcome of the build.

Custom home construction typically takes longer than a production-built home so you should plan the time-frame accordingly. It can take from a few months up to a year or more, depending on the type of home you build. This is important to know when planning so you can be prepared for issues such as weather. If you are selling an existing home prior to moving into your new home, it’s important to plan for the eventuality of selling before the new home is ready for occupancy, thereby incurring additional housing costs if you have to rent and move to a temporary location.

Eagle1 Construction is a leader in custom home construction in the Kansas City area. Our unique homes are designed for the individual client. Owner/builder Brian Smith works with clients every step of the way to help fulfill their dreams of an ideal home. If you would like to set up a meeting with Brian, please fill out our Free Consultation Form and Brian will contact you within 24 to 48 hours.