Home Builders Kansas City – Working With Realtors

When you’re looking for custom home builders Kansas City, you need to look no further than Eagle 1 Construction, a leading contracting company in the Blue Springs and Kansas City metro. Brian Smith and his team are one-of-a-kind custom contractors and have a proven success rate for satisfied customers.

One of the key factors in choosing a custom built home is to find the right realtor to work with. The real estate agent’s role when working with home builders Kansas City is essential to ensuring a smooth, hassle-free process. The realtor’s job when representing the home buyer is different than that of an agent representing the builder. Prospective home owners should know how to select the right real estate agent for their purposes.

A real estate agent’s primary role in new-construction from home builders Kansas City differs from one assisting on the sale of an existing home, and can be summarized as:

  • Interpreting the home buyer’s rights, noting any crucial deadlines, such as the buyer’s rights regarding termination of contract without forfeiture of the deposit money.

  • Negotiating the price, incentives, and inclusions or discounts to secure a contract.

  • Solidifying the price after lot premiums, design options, structural upgrades, low voltage options, appliances, landscaping, and other home builders Kansas City incentives have all been factored in.

  • Analyzing soil surveys, engineering reports, blueprints and floor plans pertaining to the building site.

  • Advising the buyer on maximizing their budget – cost of the lot, structural upgrades, or design options.

  • Questioning the home builders Kansas City’s sales representative about inclusions, contingency terms, financing and incentives.

  • Accompanying the buyer on walk-through at various stages of construction and the final pre-closing walk-through.

  • Holding the contractor’s foreman accountable for completing any repairs or necessary corrections discovered during walk-through.

  • Protecting the buyer’s earnest money, adhering to the schedule of crucial deadlines, such as the loan application and contingent sale deadline.

The home buyer’s agent will also negotiate with the builder on the price of the home, taking into consideration market value, location, custom design features, neighborhood, etc.

Eagle1 Construction home builders Kansas City builds amazing homes with custom finishes to match our clients’ specific tastes. We work with home buyer’s agents to ensure complete and total satisfaction throughout the entire process of building your custom home.

As custom home builders since 2004, Eagle 1 Construction, LLC offers expertise and skill in building quality custom-designed residential homes. As your custom home builders Kansas City, Eagle 1 Construction is responsible for managing and obtaining all approvals and inspections, and will order, check, and accept all building materials and components. Upon completion, we will inspect and review the entire new home project for any deficiencies, and facilitate final inspections by the city, ensuring issuance of the certificate of occupancy.

For further information or to set up a meeting with Brian and your chosen real estate agent, contact us today